TRON’s Weekly Report, Feb 10 to Feb 23, Transcribed

Last week, TRON project went smoothly. We provided the progress of this week to all the supporters, believers and followers.

[I. Technical Development]


1.[Storage] Implemented block storage based on ‘KhaosDB’ and ‘BlockStore’;

2.[Testing] Improved the automated test code, deleted the useless unittest code, added unittest code asserter;

3.[Basic] Added the parameters to control the generating blocks permission for testing the synchroni~ation block;

4.[GitHub] Reviewed the code submitted by community developers and handled the issues;

Work In Progress:

1.[Smart Contract] Start integrating smart contract module with blockchain, coding and testing the compiler of smart contract. Coding unittest cases and testing the basic
function of logical operation and the advanced capabilities of smart contract.

2.[Consensus] Add the function of obtaining the information of the voters who vote for the election;

[II. Community Activities]

1. On February 10, TRON held an activity Design your ideal TRON mascot with elements of TRON. Once the mascot was adopted, designers will get a reward.

2. On february 10, TRON Technical Team Head by Lucien Chen made a live streaming on Periscope, they talked about the test net, architecture and community developer program, the number of audience was up to 102k.

3. On February 16, founder of TRON Foundation, Justin Sun and founder of Obike and odyssey Foundation Yi made .a live streaming on Periscope, they talked about the future of TRON and Ocain, the number of audience was up to 103k.

4. On February 23, TRON launched an essay competition in community for enthusiasts around the world, writing your essay in the form of a short essay or a blog about TRON. As of February 25, we have receivednearly 1000 articles from around the world, the in box is still receiving letters every day, once the essay has been officially selected and ranked, the top ranking will receive Amazon gift cards from $100 to $1000 . .

5. There are millions of TRON fans worldwide. To make investors, supporters and followers actively participate in our community building, we invite you to design a highly recognizable and interesting Fan’s name.

[III. Team and Partners]

With more and more technical talents joining TRON, the technical team has been gradually expanded. It is reported, former senior software engineer of Meituan and LeEco, Matt Yue joined TRON technical team in recent days. Matt Yue once worked in many multinational Internet companies in his early career, and accumulated considerable technical strength. He has rich theoretical and practical experience in bid data acquisition, storage, processing, mining, application, research and development: And he has a unique view and practice on the technology of big data frontier research, personalized data acquisition and other big data technology of hard and soft data processing.

[IV. Market Transactions]

1. On February 10, according to CoinTrendz, discussion of TRX on Twitter was in the first place.

2. On February 15, according to CryptoMiso, Tron was the forth in GitHub active rankings.

3. On February 19, according to CNBC, the mainstream media in the United States, U.S. high-end yacht clubs started accepting TRX as a payment method to buy yachts.

4. On February 19, Crypto Recorder’s official website made an analysis Three reasons why TRON (TRX) might become popular in 2018. Recently, the media attention to TRON was raised again.

TRON's Weekly Report, Feb 10 to Feb 23, Transcribed
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TRON's Weekly Report, Feb 10 to Feb 23, Transcribed