Tronix’s (TRON/TRX) Weekly Update Transcribed – Jan 27 to Feb 2 2018

As long as TRON’s team continues to release updates in image form, we will continue to support transcribing their updates.

Here is TRON’s weekly report:

[I. Technical Development]

Work completed:

  1. [Consensus] Coded consensus module, including time out device, messaging channels, voting process, etc. Defined type of consensus message, and identified the program of lock mechanism;
  2. [Network] Improved the network code, abstracted the interface, added log output, fix the bug that other nodes can not be found and read seed node configuration;
  3. [Wallets] Implemented functions of wallet logic, password changing, private key cryptography storage and other functions. Implemented transaction signature and verification functions. Implemented the GRPC function debugging between client and node. Other functions completed include: Creating transactions, broadcasting transactions and checking balances;
  4. [Smart Contract] Tested the running instance of the virtual machine;
  5. [Overall Structure] Decoupled application layer, business layer and communication layer in protocol module. Defined and arranged protocol message module;
  6. [Technical Blog] Preliminary set up Tron’s technical blog:
  7. [Coding Standards] Use the coding standard of Google Java Code Style

Work in Progress

  1. [Consensus] Achieving specific function in consensus framework and coding test case;
  2. [Smart Contract] Testing the basic function of logical operation and the advanced capabilities of smart contract. Developing the interaction logic between smart contract and blockchain;
  3. [Network] Adding network test cases and testing network comprehensively;
  4. [Technical Blog] Updating TRON Technology Blog daily

[II. Community Activities]

  1. On January 27, TRON added new Chinese communities in BiYong and Bixin platforms;
  2. On January 30, according to CoinTrendz, among the top 10 mentions on Twitter, BTC ranked the first and TRX the second, followed by ETH, XRP, NEO, LTC, ADA, XLM, BCH, and ICX
  3. On January 31, Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON, held a live stream “TRON Keeps Going” in overseas communities. During the live stream, Justin Sun introduced two exchanges on which TRON recently was listed: Huobi and Bitfinex; and he also introduced the progress of the launch of TRON’s main chain and technology development of TRON, as well as some activities and market cooperation in TRON’s global community.
  4. On February 1, the number of TRON’s Korean community on Telegram has reached 3,000.

[III. Team and Partners]

  1. On January 27, TRON reached strategic cooperation with GSC (Global Social Chain)– TRON will provide GSC with financial, technical and infrastructure support, while GSC will opetime based on TRON network– jointly promoting the development of blockchain-based social systems. Mico, the largest social network of strangers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, has more than 100 million registered users and once was voted the best Google app. The TRON-GSC cooperation means that at least more than 120 million users will be included in the TRON network, so the blockchain-based online entertainment landscape would be greatly expanded.

[IV. Market Transactions]

  1. On January 29, according to the Token Store, TRX transactions totaled 337 Trillion USD, which has successfully exceeded the total global circulation of dollars;
  2. On January 30, TRON got listed on Huobi. Meanwhile BTC and ETH trading pairs were available in Innovation Zone.
  3. On January 30, TRX got listed on Huobi, with a ETH/TRX intraday growth rate of 89.72%
Tronix's (TRON/TRX) Weekly Update Transcribed - Jan 27 to Feb 2 2018
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Tronix's (TRON/TRX) Weekly Update Transcribed - Jan 27 to Feb 2 2018
As long as TRON's team continues to release updates in image form, we will continue to support transcribing their updates. Here is TRON's weekly report.