Tronix’s (TRON/TRX) Weekly Update Transcribed – Feb 3 to Feb 9 2018

Here is this week’s report from the Tron Foundation:


Last week, TRON project went smoothly. We provided the progress of this week to all the supporters, believers and followers.

[I. Technical Development]

Work Completed:

  1. [Consensus] Developed the specific framework of consensus mechanism: including the time-based block producer selection mechanism (calculate the next producer based on time, ensuring that there is only one producer within a period), cyclical block producer order rearrangement method (adjust the producer order with certain pseudo-random algorithm after a round of producing). Handled the exception of the related block in consensus layer;
  2. [Storage] Created class “DynamicPropertiesStore” to complete the dynamic properties storage function, including query and update of creation time, block number and hash of the latest block;
  3. [Structure] Improved the script of automatic building project
  4. [Wallet] Made “wallet_cli” wallet client independent, modified the function of creating transaction and broadcasting transaction;
  5. [Core] Completed the logic of generating block–‘generate Block’ function
  6. [Basic] Added the function of executing help command when starting a node and the function of specifying a database location when creating a database.

Work in Progress:

  1. [Smart Contract] Start integrating smart contract module with blockchain, compiling and testing the compiler of smart contract. Compiling unit test cases and testing the basic function of logical operation and the advanced capabilities of smart contract.
  2. [Consensus] Increase the function of voting to elect block producer message.

[II. Community Activities]

  1. TRON opened an official service account to announce a series of well-planned activities during Spring Festival holiday;
  2. From 8th February to 20th February, TRON will send best wishes and arrange excellent activities for you to celebrate the Spring Festival. May you have a joyous and peaceful Spring Festival!

[III. Team and Partners]

  1. Former Baidu and Meituan Technical expert Wu Bin joined the TRON team. With 11-year experience in Internet and Enterprise software development, he has deep knowledge in search technology, distributed computing and big data algorithm (etc). He once worked for Baidu and Meituan (as risk management data platform expert) and has rich experience in big data processing, risk management and anti-cheat;
  2. TRON official Twitter announced that a live stream about the launch of TRON testnet and community development would be hold on February 11 at 18:30PST.
  3. On February 11 at 14:00 PST, TRON team was informed that TRX was listed on Bibox, the AI digital asset trading platform, and opened a TRX deposit and withdrawal at 11:00. It then opened traiding pairs of TRX/BTC and TRX/ETH at 14:00 PST on February 11. With TRX being listed on the new exchange, Bibox will be a new partner of TRON
  4. On February 9th, 2018, Michael Lavere released the in-depth analysis of TRON “3 reasons for explaining why TRON (TRX) would become the 2018 cryptocurrency top 10” on the official website of The Independent Republic. According to media reports, TRON’s overseas community has become particularly important, TRON supporters can make a full statement of personal professional views with no prejudice, to form a good community culture so as to discuss related technology and market economy knowledge in a more professional way.
  5. Total Prestige magazine interviewed the founder of TRON, Justin Sun, in which he talked about the past, present, and future of TRON. Total Prestige is a magazine for business and luxury lifestyles. In this interview, Justin Sun showed the glamour of TRON to 425,000 outstanding entrepreneurs around the world of Total Prestige.

[IV. Market Transactions]

According to the new megaXcoin official Twitter vote data, TRX get 72% of the vote, ranking the first vote exceeding other crypto currencies such sa DGB, ZEC, and XMR.

Tronix's (TRON/TRX) Weekly Update Transcribed - Feb 3 to Feb 9 2018
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Tronix's (TRON/TRX) Weekly Update Transcribed - Feb 3 to Feb 9 2018