Spoof Exchanges are bountiful: be careful of these scams!

Looking at the picture above, would you have noticed that it’s actually NOT Binance.com? Do you see those two dots below the N’s?

Notice that the site URL also is green, indicating that the site has the proper SSL certificates and encryption. If that’s what you ONLY check, then you might be out of luck with these types of scams.

This type of Unicode character substitution in the domain name is very hard to spot, not only in the URL but especially if you receive a spoof email where the URLs are underlined so that it obscures the dots under the N’s.

Keep in mind that URL spoofing is a very serious problem. The fact that you can even use non-latin alphabets such as Cyrillic in URLs, results in scams / spoofed websites that are almost impossible to detect by the general public.

So readers, pro tip: Save your exchanges as bookmarks to avoid scams like these in the future!