Tronix’s (TRON/TRX) Weekly Update Transcribed – Jan 20 to 26, 2018

So like last week, we started transcribing Tron’s weekly updates because they’re IMAGES for some reason… and to keep with that, here’s this week’s update:


Last week, TRON project went smoothly. We provided the progress of this week to all the supporters, believers and followers.

[I. Technical Development]

  1. Redesigned the wallet function, and defined the wallet RPC interface; readied to code the client of the wallet, developed and tested to create the wallet and the import wallet function;
  2. Basically completed the design of the virtual machine based on the research of the framework of the virtual machine; defined the basic data types and the majority of the opcode; implemented the operation of the stack, and started to test the basic functions and the interaction logic with the smart contract;
  3. Optimized project structure; initially adopted full nodes, RPC services and consensus services; improved basic network service the configuration of seed nodes and Gossip nodes from files and architecturally layered the message;
  4. Divided sub-modules within the consensus module; defined the interfaces with other modules, and started to write the consensus framework code;
  5. Uploaded Dockerfile and deployment method to GitHub;
  6. Tackled GitHub issues and archived it; initially established TRON Homestead ( with the efforts of developers;

[II. Community Activities]

  1. On January 22, Japanese community fans of TRON designed the cartoon image “TRON Girl”;
  2. On January 22, we established British, Russian, Spanish, American, Korean, European, Chinese and English communities respectively on Telegram.
  3. On January 23, according to Twitter, Tweet impressions has reached 173 million;

[III. Market Transaction]

On January 25, TRX was listed on Bitfinex and could be traded against BTC, ETH, USD.

[IV. Team and Partners]

  1. On January 22, according to Github data, as TRON main chain “java-tron” code base has been launched less than a month, the three indicators Watch, Star, Fork were 119, 497, 100 respectively with an average of 239, this growth of which exceeded that of NEO and Qtum;
  2. TRON officially announced the latest news in project development; the main chain functions have all been ready, and will be tested on March 31. This test chain marks the second major upgrade since the open source on September 29, 2017.
  3. On January 19, TRON Union member APP Peiwo announced the specific planning and clear time of TRON official Token TRX integration. From the official announcement of the timetable, the preliminary work has been basically completed and the overall integration work is drawing to an end, which is expected to be completed on February 16. By then, TRON will, through Peiwo APP with more than 10 million young users, provide the younger generation with the new entertainment experience based on blockchain technology while completing the first online entertainment scene.