Tronix’s (TRON/TRX) Weekly Update Transcribed – Jan 13 to 19, 2018

This might be a pet peeve of ours but weekly updates or updates in general from cryptocurrency accounts delivered as an image just grinds our gears. So we’ve transcribed the English version to make it available by text (we have made minor semantic changes for a smoother read):

[I. Technical Development]

  1. Complete the architecture design of smart contracts and define contract compiler, virtual machine, interface and technology of Blockchain interaction layers
  2. Comb function of test net and arrange a detailed division of labor and schedule to specific staff
  3. Complete the design of the Gossip network of TRON, determine the interface relationship with other modules, and initially implement the node management, sending and receive messages based on the Gossip network
  4. Study and identify several problems of consensus module, including voter management, joining and synchronization of new nodes, and the safe termination of voting process
  5. Develop data manipulation instructions for TRON smart contract virtual machines, defined types of smart contract support data, started designing smart contract editors for smart contract development
  6. Further optimize Docker’s test environment mirror and upload to Docker hub
  7. Optimized the java-tron code on GitHub, modified the license problem in the code, solved the bug where the consensus module’s synchronization block was failing; begun to develop TRON TBFT framework’s interface
  8. Started research of bitcoinj, especially the wallet part, with a focus on internal cost calculations such as the logic of debit transfers

[II. Community Activities]

On January 13th [2018], Justin Sun held a live stream of “TRON around the world”, during which Justin Sun introduced new team members, an update of TRON project application development and team expansion and discussed the acceleration process of the TRON community going global. Millions of people joined the chatroom and sent their best wishes to TRON.

[III. Team and Partners]

On January 15, 2018, former Alibaba Technical Expert of Smart Marketing, Olivier Zhang (Zhang Sicong), officially joined TRON as a Senior Technical Engineer and will be responsible for smart contract and related technology development work in TRON.

Olivier has a master’s degree from Beijing’s Institute of Technology and has 10-years of experience in Internet and Enterprise software development. He has profound knowledge in search technology, distributed computing and big data platforms. He has worked for Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp in Beijing, where he was responsible for big data cross-screen statistics and other related work. Later, he joined the Alibaba Group, where he was responsible for the business module of smart marketing platform. During his time in Alibaba, he was also leading the development team, building a complete set of real-time import tools and an anti-cheat system.

After joining TRON, Olivier will be promote the technology architecture upgrade from two aspects of research; smart contract and blockchain.

“Working with a group of top engineers at TRON, to achieve an Internet 4.0 blockchain application platform is a great thing. In the future, TRON will serve countless individuals and business users and create a global content entertainment ecosystem with decentralized blockchain technology.”