List of 40+ YouTubers who supported the BitConnect Ponzi Scheme

Thanks to the hard work of the Reddit community and the users of this thread, they have been hard at work identifying all the people who promoted BitConnect (likely for their own gains) even when they knew that it was a Ponzi scheme from the start.

YouTubers enjoy the spotlight so we thought it’d be beneficial to keep the spotlight on them. Everyone is accountable for their actions and just because you are hiding behind YouTube (or have deleted your videos), does not mean you can just hide away from the truth.

Let’s start (this is from the Reddit thread, thanks to PM_Poutine

  1. Crypto Clover He was actually employed by bitconnect as a “national promoter.”
  2. Crypto Chick She’s deleted all of her BitConnect videos.
  3. Craig Grant
  4. Lenka Cryptogirl
  5. Crypto Nick
  6. Trevon James
  7. Dr. Roy Murphy Channel1 and Channel2
  8. KineticEnergy
  9. Ryan Hildreth <–Thanks /u/Furples
  10. Crypto Jay
  11. ChampagneCrypto <– Thanks /u/AllForTheGains
  12. Jeffrey Crypto <– Thanks /u/LordGriffiths
  13. Jason
  14. sunny decree
  15. Jeti Knight
  16. TripJammer
  17. Bit Junky
  18. Electric Crypto
  19. Matty Crypto
  20. Crypto Gnome
  21. Jimi the Hobo
  22. MoneyGlitchGod
  23. DrCrypto
  24. TheBitcoinEvans
  25. justarobot
  26. Crypto Girl
  27. The Bitcoin Party
  28. Chiara Francica
  29. Aaron St. Hilaire <– Thanks /u/infinityplus0ne
  30. eyeneyemusic
  31. Crypto Collision
  32. Epic Bits
  33. ENGINEERED TRUTH <– Thanks /u/omegaape
  34. Rhyno M <– Thanks /u/DemarcoFC
  35. Dolfski <– Thanks /u/mscohe01
  36. WolfOfICOs
  37. Goose Tech <– Thanks /u/Miqote_Menstruation
  38. Michael Crypto <– Thanks /u/Too_Trill_To_Fail
  39. FlyyDoesBitCoin <– Thanks /u/TheSuspiria
  40. Ryan Berkness